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196 Resumes Found
Name(Working Status) Resume Title Experience Education Update Photo
Wo**(Work Auth) Woosong Noh 5 Year ↑ Bachelor 19-08-09
Sa**(Work Auth) Let's be sincere 10 Year ↑ Bachelor 17-07-18
RONIL(Need Visa) PROFILE OG RONIL-2 10 Year ↑ Bachelor 17-03-10
Ji**(Work Auth) Resume-Jin Taek Ahn 10 Year ↑ Bachelor 16-07-21
YA**(Work Auth) IT Project Manager No Spec No Spec 16-06-21
Jo**(Work Auth) John Jaehoon Lee- Purchasing or operation managing 10 Year ↑ Bachelor 15-07-26
JA**(Work Auth) Jaejin Kim_Re 5 Year ↑ Master 15-06-13
Pa**(Work Auth) Paul McConville Entry Master 15-06-10
Li**(Work Auth) Linda Song No Spec No Spec 15-03-27
Ralp(Work Auth) reusme Entry Master 15-03-27
서**(Need Visa) Mingi Seo 5 Year ↑ Master 15-03-26
Va**(Work Auth) Valerie Koss No Spec No Spec 15-03-24
Al**(Need Visa) Resume_Alexia Dagyeom Park 3 Year ↑ MBA 15-03-18
Su**(Need Visa) Sungwhan Moon No Spec No Spec 15-01-25
My**(Work Auth) To find a position to work for Automotive or Marketing... 10 Year ↑ Bachelor 14-09-05
김**(Need Visa) BI Sr.Developer 10 Year ↑ Bachelor 14-06-25
Ray(Work Auth) Ray_Chemical Engineer_Ph.D. 5 Year ↑ Doctorate 14-03-09
Ja**(Work Auth) Jason Ro Resume No Spec No Spec 14-03-07
br**(Work Auth) Brice Lee 2014 No Spec No Spec 14-02-23
Da**(Work Auth) Chemical Engineering, Cooper Union David Lee Resume No Spec No Spec 14-02-22
ju**(Work Auth) Bank(credit,loan) Anayst, FRM 1 Year ↓ Bachelor 14-02-12
Ju**(Need Visa) Resume No Spec No Spec 14-02-09
Mi**(Work Auth) International Business Entry Bachelor 13-11-15
조**(Need Visa) Marketing manager No Spec No Spec 13-06-18
Ji**(Work Auth) Jinsop Om Resume 10 Year ↑ Master 13-06-03
Ki**(Work Auth) Experienced Chemical Engineer 10 Year ↑ Bachelor 13-05-30
St**(Work Auth) Steve Pak American Resume 5 Year ↑ Bachelor 13-05-11
Sa**(Need Visa) Sanghoon Ji No Spec No Spec 13-05-10
Yo**(Work Auth) Experienced MBA Graduate 2 Year ↑ MBA 13-05-10
Le**(Need Visa) Resume_James Lee 5 Year ↑ MBA 13-05-06
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