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JobWorld FAQ

For Job Seekers:

Q. What is the cost of attending JCE New Jersey?

Please contact JobWorld USA at 201-567-8886 or contact@jobworldusa.com

Q. I’ve participated in a JCE in the past. Do I still have to register?

Yes, you must register online at www.jobworldusa.com

Q. Do I need to be fluent in Korean to attend the Expo?

You do not have to speak Korean fluently..

Q. How do I pre-register? What do I do if I didn???pre-register?

For more information about pre-registration please visit


Q. Are the interviews held in English or Korean?

They can be in English or Korean, depending on the preferences of the employer and job seeker at the time of the interview.

Q. Can I apply for jobs at participating companies prior to the JCE?

If you wish, you can apply to any company on your own.

Q. What kind of companies participate in the JCE?

JCEE features Korean companies operating in both the U.S. and Korea, U.S. companies as well as state and government entities.

Q. How can I receive a travel scholarship?

Apply online for the JCE Travel Scholarship here (LINK)

If you apply for a travel scholarship, we will send your application materials to JCE exhibitors, who will review them and let us know who they wish to sponsor. We will then notify all applicants of these results. Scholarships are normally used to pay for travel expenses associated with the applicant???second interview with the target company, so we highly recommend you apply for one.

Q. How should I prepare prior to attending JCE?

Narrow down and decide which companies you would like to interview with and be sure to bring plenty of resumes. Check JobWorld.com for employers??hiring descriptions to see what kinds of positions are available. The more you are prepared, the more smoothly your experience will go.

* Please dress in business attire *

Q. How are CESNA and JobWorld connected?

Cesnaa Group is the parent company of JobWorld USA and is a leading human resource consulting firm based in Korea. It works mainly with Korean-English bilinguals, connecting them with companies that operate globally. Cesna created JobWorld.com 3 years ago to provide a space where job seekers and employers can find each other.

Q. How many interviews can I sit for?

There is no limit to the number of interviews. In most cases, a job seeker will arrive with a target group of exhibitors to interview with, after having researched them.

Q. What makes JCE special or different than other job fairs?

JCEE is an excellent opportunity for Korean bilinguals or those interested in learning about Korean corporate culture to find the right company. This is a one of a kind event that brings together job seekers and employers with similar employment and hiring needs.

Q. Do we get free job consulting at the Expo?

Cesnaa Group, the parent company of JobWorld, will have a booth at the JCE where consultants will provide free service consultations for all job seekers.

Q. Can a job seeker be hired on the spot?

This is possible, but rarely happens. Please be prepared to schedule a second interview if an Expo interview goes well.

Q. I just graduated college and don???have professional work experience. Can I attend JCE?

Of course. JCE welcomes recent college graduates, graduate degree-holders and mid-career professionals.

For Employers:

Q. What is the JobWorld Career Expo?

The Expo is a unique opportunity for Korean and U.S. companies to meet and interview Korean bilinguals with the intention of finding candidates for hire. It is also a good advertising and publicity opportunity for your company as hundreds of job seekers will visit and interview at your booth. The Expo is for employers who are seeking Korean human resources.

Q. How are booths assigned at the Expo?

JobWorldd will determine booth assignments for all exhibitors once they apply for the Expo.

Q. What are the booth measurements?

The standard booth is 8 x 10 feet. If you purchase two booths, 8 x 20.

Q. How is your Expo promoted?

We promote the JCE through email newsletters to job seekers and employers, JobWorldUSA.com and Cesnagroup.com. as well as various media companies including newspapers.

Q. How will you promote our company before and at the Expo?

Using your JobWorldUSA.com account, you can post your company information and job descriptions on the site. We also print newspaper advertisements frequently. At the Expo, we provide your company with a display board, and the program book will have company information. Your sponsorship level (silver, gold, platinum) also appears on JobWorldUSA.com and in the Expo program book.

Q. What type of payment and billing options do you offer?

We accept checks and credit cards.

Q. How many of our representatives are permitted to participate?

You can send as many or few representatives as you wish. We recommend 2 or 3 representatives.

Q. Can I apply for more than one booth?

Yes, you can apply for more than one booth to combine into a larger one if you desire more space.

Q. Who are the job seekers?

Job seekers range from recent college graduates to mid-career professionals. All kinds of candidates will attend, many with impressive experience records. Candidates will mostly be Korean-English bilinguals with an interest in Korean and/or U.S. companies, some who are willing to work overseas.

Q. How many job seekers will come to the Expo?

In the past, over 1,000 job seekers attended each JCE.

Q. Can we set up interviews with expo candidates in advance?

Yes. Simply log into your account at JobWorldUSA.com and view candidates who have applied for the Expo. You may contact them to set up a formal interview at the event.

Q. How long is the Expo? Are there breaks for the exhibitors?

The Expo runs from 10 AM to 4 PM. There will be no official break time, but company representatives can work in shifts to allow for breaks.

Q. We are a company that requires highly qualified individuals with specific technical skills. Is the Career Expo right for us?

You should still be able to find highly qualified individuals in advance, through your JobWorldUSA.com account. Please log in and view the profiles of candidates who have applied for the Expo. We strongly recommend sponsoring Travel Scholarships for candidates who you think are qualified to have a second interview after the Expo.

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